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For 20 years now, our establishment has a true reputation for Native discovery and the application of collective living values.

Children will be able to meet Ollinatl, a native Mayan and his nephew, Eduardo.

In a world that has lost its marks, the Discovery Day is based on the theme of respect. Respect for Mother Earth, for animals, for each other – these are the fundamental values of Native American tribes. Naturally, our language is adapted to suit the age of the children or teenagers. For older children, we offer an exhibition on genocide.

Discovery days

Authentic, educational, fun, and new… Our day trips and stays are first and foremost about « Living together ». They also offer a real encounter with Native culture through dances, songs, and games.

Ollinatl (Maya), founder of an educational project in Mexico, tested in 2022 during the summer at our campsite, will be there for younger children in June only.

Discovery days are reserved for schools, secondary schools, high schools, specialized establishments, day-care centers, centers, and can be combined with a stay. Discovery days focus on Native American philosophy and the word « respect ». On our campsite, we don’t « play » cowboys and Indians ; we offer you a real opportunity to discover the culture. We also offer more complete stays, with the discovery of music and handicrafts over one or more nights.

The day is divided into two-hour modules each with an animator, starting at 10a.m and ending around 3:30p.m or 4p.m.


Stays are built around the same values, but with a focus on living together, sharing tasks, and living as a tribe. Our campsite is a real place for children to rest and refocus, and some centers book their summer camps year after year for the quality of the services offered.

               Stays’ references : Bellevue secondary school, Loué (first-year trip), Plourhan school, Notre Dame des Noés school (Binic), Notre Dame school (Bernay 27), ITEP St Jean (Tours), MFR Coulans sur Gée (third-year and fourth-year trip, and DIMA), Camille Claudel secondary school (78).

IME Appedia (Chatenay Malabry), Pleyber Christ school, Notre Dame school (Fresnay sur Sarthe), MFR Coulans sur Gée, Notre Dame school (Brûlon), ALSH La Fleche, ALSH Mulsanne, ALSH Chaingy, ALSH Cérans Foulletourte, ALSH Semblancay (37), ALSH Chemazé (53), ALSH Meung sur Loire, Paul Gauguin center, Alençon, Leo Delisbes La Flèche.

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Heartfelt thanks

After a stay, homework is done with Thiberville students. Thanks to Marcle Proust school in Illiers Combray and all its 4th graders, Sept Epis school in St. André de l’Eure and its 5th grader, St Thérèse school in Malicorne and its 3rd graders, Notre Dame de Sion school in Evry and its 4th graders, Vaiges school, Brains sur Gée school, St Martin de Connée school, Paul Fort school in Tours, Loué secondary school for its integration stays for first years since 2015, Allonnes middle schools, Mendes France middle schools in Marcoussis and so on.

Thank you to the teachers for their trust.